Mr. Chandrakumar Madhusudan Jajodia

Founder Chairman & Group Chairperson, Madhusudan Group

A futuristic approach with focus and determination has been the key to our journey. Undeterred by fears and tests, we have progressed towards the creation of a group that brings together diverse business areas. This has been achieved through our ability to capitalise on challenges and translate them into opportunities. In our projects, we have been frequently confronted by constraints. But our adaptive approach has enabled us to reach efficient solutions. Our unrestricted thinking is reflected in our continuous growth in varied business areas. In the effort to constantly reinvent ourselves, we have eagerly treaded into unexplored territories. This has allowed us to build a strong presence as well. Our diverse business divisions work closely together, sharing best business practices. They combine financial, managerial and operational skills and resources to make a difference. Also, as an organisation, we are deeply perceptive and mindful about our responsibility towards the society. We have taken effective steps towards contributing in the areas of community service, education and employment. Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to survive the winds of change and are poised to make a paradigm shift in our growth. Our idea for the group is an expansive and ever-evolving company that can not only offer new avenues to growing industries but also lend support to existing businesses through vertical and horizontal integration. We are committed towards building a better society for the current generation and for the generations to come. I am sure with the patronage of our customers, banks, financial institutions and marketing associates, we shall be able to fulfill the dreams of millions and set new benchmarks in our stated areas of business and development.

  • Vision

    We valve our customers and believe in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality in every sphere of business. Our continuous quest for excellence has always been the driving force in our company and we wish to go beyond the obvious and devise ground-breaking means through our projects.
  • mission

    At Madhusudan Group, our mission is to set a benchmark in business & reputation through quality, development, value addition and customer relations. Moreover, we aim to achieve excellence by giving back to the society in the best possible way through our schemes and ethical approaches in every aspect of business.
  • philosophy

    We strive continuously to bring ‘Improvement’ by doing work that adds materially to the value of the land under the legal framework. With robust & futuristic approach, we aim to bring you a township in the midst of nature & lush green surroundings.


  • Shri. Chandrakumar Jajodia

  • Mr.Jajodia is a man of meritorious vision and mission, having led the group over three decades to several remarkable achievements. Today, the group under his leadership has projects in over 15 cities across 3 major states across the western and south western parts of the country. Moreover, the group has also diversified into infrastructure and energy sector with operations across various major cities across India. It is under Mr. Jajodia’s leadership that the plotted development projects of the group have crossed over 30 million sq. ft and another 10 million sq.ft is under various stages of development. The group is guided by his philosophy of focusing on customers, emphasis on upcoming locations, commitment to ethics and following an open organisation culture. As the chief mentor of the Group, Mr. Jajodia has inspired his team to do the same and continues to motivate them by lending his expertise in charting out a robust growth strategy for all the Group companies. Mr. Jajodia has received numerous accolades and awards for the Group's achievements and his outstanding contribution to the real estate sector across areas of Vidarbha. His name is synonymous with philanthropy and charity since the 1990’s across Amravati and Mumbai and other major areas of Vidarbha. He is the founder of Madhusudan Foundation, a public charitable trust which runs various charitable organisations across the state and also focuses on blood donation camps, mass marriages for the underprivileged and skill development in various areas.
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