Enlightening lives, practicing humanity

Integrating social & environmental concerns in business operations have always been an integral work for Madhusudan Group. Since its inception, Madhusudan Group has always devoted a part of its income to Social Services. Madhusudan Group has been engaged in a number of philanthropic activities centered in Maharashtra during their successful tenure of over three decades. They have been consistent in taking initiatives for the destitute & under privileged community selflessly. Madhusudan Group has also played a major role in contributing to the following work -

  • Green Drive Campaign
  • Mass Marriages
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Yoga Camps

& many such noble initiatives were taken by Madhusudan Group over the years.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Organized Mass Marriage Ceremony

In 2012, Madhusudan Group had organised a Mass Marriage Ceremony in Amravati which recorded the highest number of couples (3600) getting married on the same ground. This event was recorded in the Limca Book of records as well as Guinness World Records.

Yoga Camp

Organised Yoga camps across Maharashtra. Several of these yoga camps have been prominently presided by Baba Ramdev. Several people enthusiastically attend the yoga camps.

Built Child Orphanage & Old Age home

Madhusudan Group has also established a Child Orphanage & Old Age home in Amravati.

Built Indrakumar Jajodia D.Ed College

Madhusudan group has established the “Indrakumar Jajodia D.Ed College”, in Amravati, for Deaf & Dumb wherein they provide free education.

Blood Donation Camps

Since 1984, Madhusudan Foundation is associated with a lot of Blood Banks & till date two lakhs of bottles have been collected which were used to help the 7/11 Mumbai train blast victims.

Providing Breakfast & Lunch

Since 2008, Madhusudan Group has been providing breakfast & lunch to more than 700 people per day at Amravati General Hospital.

Tree Donation

As a part of its green drive campaign, more than 3000 trees were donated after the Government Of India declared Amravati as a "Smartcity". Also, Madhusudan Group has planted trees in Baba Amte Museum.

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